Companies That Use Monsanto Products – BOYCOTT ALL!

GMO’s have been heavily promoted by the establishment and do harm all life and have never been proved to be more productive. The use of GMO’s have long provided the ability for harmful accumulative chemicals to be sprayed for easy pest and weed control but with many side affects and long term damage to microbial life in soils… ultimately GMO’s have the ability to rewrite DNA and present a horrific danger to life but is a desirable control system of the oligarchy… Please research the BIOECONOMY…which is planned to be a key part of Sustainable Development (Agenda21)

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Many thanks to all who research corporations and all who share their research!
Comprehensive List Of GMO Product:

Note: You can download this pdf file created by the Center for Food Safety that provides guidelines for buying non-GMO foods in your local stores. This tells you what you can eat that is not GMO contaminated.  ~G

monsanto cos
In addition, should you want more info concerning GMO products and the companies producing them, please take a look at this excellent list put together by Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper on Facebook.


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