Skeptical of skeptics: is Steve Goddard right?

It is of great interest to monitor the climate sceptic scene are there genuine whistle blowers or controlled opposition..? I find it peculiar that so many attempt to smear sceptics with the call of Big Oil funding, when Big Oil is in fact behind the UN’s drive for Agenda 21/2030…types such as the Rothschild’s, Royals and Rockefeller’s are massive shareholders in Big Oil yet push Sustainable Development on the masses to create the framework for one world government.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Skeptics doing what skeptics do best . . . attack skeptics.Suyts

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One response to “Skeptical of skeptics: is Steve Goddard right?

  1. Wigington with More Double-Speak implies Weather Weapons are designed to cool the planet and Chemtrails and EMF weapons cannot possibly be the cause of warming

    “With the planet now warming at blinding speed due to anthropogenic activity, thermal expansion has become a factor relating to geologic and seismic events. Ice is melting so fast over land masses like Greenland and Antarctica that “glacial rebound” must also be considered.”

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