Welcome to  unearthclimatechange.com,  the website of  Max Bliss  an independent researcher and activist exposing Climate Change, Geoengineering, weather and climate modification and much, much more.

Max started working life  in the British Army, which was very promising with offers of accelerated promotion  from the ranks to the Royal Commission Board after just 18 months. However, following some nefarious incidents, including the questionable killing of a good friend, Max  became repulsed by the injustice and the ‘cover-up’ policy of the establishment and subsequently went  AWOL, for six years. During this time Max worked on building sites, eventually becoming a Bricklayer with his own sub contracting business. During the early 1990’s Max attended night school, gaining two O-levels and four A-Levels with an aspiration to further his education to degree level. Max is anti war and has felt an injustice with various government policies, participating in demonstrations and protests through the years.  Construction has offered a degree of independence and flexibility with travel opportunities over the last 25 years, around the UK, Germany and Australia, finally settling in France in 2010 to renovate property.  Towards the end of 2011 questions were developing, where was the famous blue sky of the  ‘high sunshine hours’  Charente region?  The sky  was blotted out with the  incredible increase of contrails and clouds,  Internet searches quickly lead to the “Chemtrail Conspiracy”.

So began the gradual immersion of research,  investigation and learning.

Is there any truth to the conspiracy theory that governments are secretly nucleating contrails as part of covert weather and climate modification programs?

Is there  just cause to question the science of the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory and  is the Climate Change issue clouded with a  political agenda..?

Max uses social media such as You Tube and Facebook to share information and collaborates with many people all around the world sharing similar concerns. Max has given presentations of his findings at various  chemtrail conferences and  has also participated in global level climate change and climate engineering conferences in Europe and  the USA, attended various public talks with key global figures from the climate change arena and challenges the status quo.  Max testified regarding aviation’s impact on climate at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC  in 2015 and  has given various radio interviews both in alternative media and the main stream media, with main stream TV features in Sweden and Germany.

Max is currently writing his first book : “UNEARTH CLIMATE CHANGE”,  which is planned to be available by summer 2016.

There are many questions and many people are looking for answers. The goal of this site is to share the journey of inquiry, create a resource with reliable information supported by verifiable evidence, cutting out the disinformation, propaganda, spin stories and distractions. To empower and encourage  participation, through self-education, talking, sharing, making the conversation, waking people up to the realities of the climate of change.   There are major issues facing all life on this planet and  if we want a positive outcome,  then  we all need to participate in some way, big or small, we will have to  BE the change we want to SEE.    PEACE 4 ALL.







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  1. Hi. Good work. It still amazes me that people think the spraying is not real – but I forget I only noticed 4 years ago. However, once it had been pointed out it was obvious, whereas many have it pointed out and refuse to see it??

    Anyway, please watch listen to my short but entertaining song/film about chemtrails

    cheers, Rob

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