The Climate of Climate Change

fig2-Temp10000years IPCC

Friends…there is little doubt that our climate is becoming a hot topic. here is a fact from the IPCC from 1880 to 2012 total global warming was… wait for it… 0.85 C and since 1997 there has been a global warming hiatus (pause). If the global warming issue has dropped in your list of priorities, that is understandable as global warming has paused since 1997 (IPCC) and there are other, more pressing important issues  but unfortunately with all the media hype and the imposed importance from governments, the issue will no doubt continue to be elevated in the public consciousness.  The repeated mantra from the likes of Al Gore  and his ilk, is that the “science is settled” on the theory, that our planet is afflicted with Anthropogenic Global Warming. The theory is  our planet is warming above the natural variability because of the industrial and everyday activities of mankind.   Although, many continue to say the science is settled, there are increasingly, many scientists dissenting that claim.  In fact as time goes by,  the global warming issue  transcends into a political agenda, rather than  scientific alarm,   prompting further investigation into the premise of this global issue  developing into a raging debate between “believers”  and “skeptics“.

An interesting signal about the global warming issue being other than a scientific alarm,  came about when the term “Global Warming” was surreptitiously replaced or increasingly interchanged with the term “Climate Change“.

This is reminiscent of  a marketing technique know as “Re-branding“.  Quote from wiki : “Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, and competitors. Often, this involves radical changes to a brand’s logo, name, image, marketing stategy, and advertising themes. Such changes typically aim to reposition the brand/company, occasionally to distance itself from negative connotations of the previous branding, or to move the brand upmarket; they may also communicate a new message a new board of directors wishes to communicate.”

The question arises why..?

Why switch a seminal term that describes succinctly the problem causing the alarm..?

The first thing to clarify,  is the term   ” climate change denier “.

This insidious and widely touted phrase needs to be explored. First of all, are there really any people saying that the climate does not change..?




Friends…Overpopulation is a globalist myth as is the whole climate change issue, designed to be the vehicle to bring about the New World Order using draconian new variants of communism, such as Sustainable Development with subprograms such as The Bioeconomy, Internet of Things, Horizon 2020 designed to monitor every human with emerging science to save (enslave) the planet….! Many people have become like rabbits caught in the headlights, believing the decades long, carefully planned propaganda. No one mentions the activity of the sun…that is in perfect correlation with the climate…?
No one mentions the joint efforts of UK, USA, RUSSIA and other members of the Arctic council (seriously entertaining this for over 100 years), to openly, until the mid 1960’s, the desire to intentionally melt the Arctic region for access to shipping lanes, exploit resources and open up vast tracks of land…? The fact that the Arctic is melting much faster than any other area might be a clue…? Ionospheric heaters that can steer jet streams and influence space weather and create sudden stratospheric warming events which can create the polar vortices….? The increase in cloud cover for the Arctic is a linear increase over the last 20 years and clouds play a major role in climate regulation via absorption, scattering, albedo etc… in fact there is an unusual increase in cloud cover over vast regions of our planet, generally related to aircraft. Yet few link the historical pursuit to force global warming with climate engineering such as targeted ozone depletion (Vladimir Zworykin 1945) and the current trends…?
The political agenda related to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) or the re-branded name “Climate Change” (as global warming paused 1997-IPCC) is colossal, with Carbon Tax, Cap and Trade schemes, UN Climate Treaty pushed for 2015, Corporate (globalists) funded marches demanding and herding the masses into climate action (ultimately only quick fix is Solar Radiation Management – cloud making), 500 new climate laws for 2015 in 66 of the world’s key nations… hooray some will shout and not enough suppression of the useless eaters that are the cancer of this world, demonizing CO2 (vital for life on this planet) as a pollutant which actually is not confirmed scientifically as a the main driver of climate, with many holes in the current theories of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)….however, as the decades long propaganda engrained into the psyche kick in, having surreptitiously created an army of eco warriors or Gaia zealots force fed their climate dogma over the years, willing to embrace the Agenda 21 which would truly enslave life on our planet for the sole benefit of the world’s elites.

Historical measurements of CO2 (Carbonic Acid) from our air were not that widespread, until the 20th century but there have been studies done in the 19th century with some results likely to be dismissed by current climate science as they may not fit with the agenda as the results varied and were sometimes higher than today. For further information please read this 1872 book:     “Air, Rain and The Beginnings of a Chemical Climatology” airrainbeginningchemicalclimatology1872.pdf

CO2 1830   Madrid 1860 CO2 CO2 measurements 1872

Here is an interesting study on the last 180 years of atmospheric CO2 analysis. Energy & Environment-2007-Beck-259-82-180years-CO2-analysis

The truth is, that the world’s criminal elites have been plotting the mechanisms to get the world’s population to “love their servitude” (Aldous Huxely’s 1962 speech at Berkeley , to acquiesce to their agenda for the 21st century and the climate issue (industry) is their vehicle to bring in what they frequently refer to as the New World Order.
This long term agenda is to arrest the development of the third world and the whole world not because of the engineered resource scarcity, supposed population problem or the climate issue but to maintain the position of the world’s globalist elites and their infrastructure of absolute control at the top of the pyramid of power, their global empire.
There is strong evidence that a covert weather and climate modification program has been in development since before WW2 and has been deployed since at least the late 1990’s in order to create weather extremes used for media hype and establishment’s propaganda for the mass deception simulating the supposed symptoms of AGW..
The science is supposedly settled but there are many thousands of dissenting scientists who are increasingly speaking out on the shaky, climate science and inaccurate models, together with various scandals (climate-gates) with the IPCC and various contributing institutions inadvertently exposing the anthropogenic global warming theory as a politically driven issue, with the world’s politicians in the control of the worlds globalist elites, it becomes apparent that there actually is a long term agenda to create a one world government, a totalitarian system is rapidly coming into view…. and the new technological revolutions (nanotechnology, biosciences, neuro sciences, ICT, etc..are set to ‘merge’ with biodiversity) are emerging to reveal the infrastructure of a scientific dictatorship to allow the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analyzing & Reporting Technology) of “Sustainable” developments, including the “Bioeconomy” (the NWO’s, GMO population controlling food supply) and many other sub programs that the despots of this insidious world order, have planned to create the brave new world for the world elites and their domesticated citizens (subjects), long planned from at least the Age of Enlightenment.
With a little research on the areas highlighted here, one can begin to see the mass deceptions of the International globalists that clearly are insane despots driven for their goal, to have absolute power and dominion with long lasting rule over the entire world and even all of nature down to the tiniest known particle to the outer reaches of our atmosphere. All of this endeavor relies on the ignorance of the masses, compartmentalization because if the masses wake up to the mass deceptions, then it is inevitable mankind will halt their “Great Work” , remove the rot and develop new systems of self governance with “Direct Democracy” and utilizing sciences for the benefit of the masses and the planet, exploring renewable energy, organic farming, sharing knowledge, resources and technology equally with all the people of our planet, to ensure the end of war, to harmonize a balance with nature for mutual benefit of our planet and to end the toxic custodianship of the dominant minority aka the global oligarchy of the current system – steering our planet intentionally on to the rocks, falsely blaming mankind for the insane agenda of these obscenely wealthy oligarchs…. The TIME is NOW… one minute to midnight and we can and do all make a difference with our participation in our emancipation.
Are you happy for your and future generations to be slaves to a despotic NWO or would you prefer to take responsibility and develop a new system for the benefit of all mankind and our planet with a new system of self governance and mutual benefit…?
Please investigate, expose the globalist agenda sufficiently that the world wakes up to the insanity and join in with the beginning of our emancipation by rejecting and exposing the deceptions of the NWO agenda and uniting all the people of the world to create a transparent system with the effective framework (Direct Democracy) to avoid corruption and power grabs to eliminate empire building, to ensure self governance as sovereign beings developing a free world and PEACE 4 ALL


Is this  following World Bank piece  propaganda and alarmism…?


World Bank Climate Alarm

We all know that during the winter a cloudy night usually indicates there will be NO frost in the morning, whereas a clear night may mean frost, this being an example of clouds trapping in air warmed at the surface. The cloud cover acting as a blanket. If we take that further and look at clouds such as contrails, cirrus and their documented facts about warming. E.g.
NASA scientists have found that cirrus clouds, formed by contrails from aircraft engine exhaust, are capable of increasing average surface temperatures enough to account for a warming trend in the United States that occurred between 1975 and 1994.
Now if contrails were deliberately created, there would be a simple method to create some surface warming. Do any of the airline manufacturing corporations have an interest in weather modification..? Well the largest maker of jet engines used by aircraft is General Electric (GE) and they funded a research and development program called Project Cirrus
So here we have an example of the historical desire of one of today’s leading Jet engine manufacturers, weather modification legacy. Would it be possible to create a contrail deliberately (Chemtrail)…? Well looking at patents for smoke deployment or skywriters vapor trails, display teams etc.., one would suggest the technology for this has been available since planes could first fly. Has the planet become cloudier…? Would this create a warming effect..? According to a section in the following book Weather and Climate Modification, Problems and Progress Vol II,  on page 97 about “Inadvertent Weather Modification”..
weather and clim vol II
suggested in 1966 that planes would create warming. So the risks were understood 50 years ago yet today climate scientists try to say it is CO2 driving climate.
However… global warming from 1880 until 2012 was….only 0.85 C… yes not even 1 degree (IPCC) and for the last 18 years there has been a global warming pause… so the anthropogenic global warming theory, although repeated often, does not in practice have much evidence to support the theory. Whereas the effects of the increase in contrails, cirrus and other clouds associated with aviation looks like a stronger candidate for climate changes and changes to weather patterns as effectively as weather modification programs:  “On the Possibility of Weather Modification with Contrails” on-the-possibility-of-weather-modification-by-aircraft-contrails-1970
History suggests a concerted effort from many nations for the ability of weather and climate modification….now we see that climate change is becoming the global threatening political issue that brings about global changes in global legislation, infact global governace is emerging…can we see that we are in fact heading toward global government, likely on the fraudulent scare of CO2 driven global warming…?
[Not sure how to do this in 5 minutes or even how to alert 12 year olds in a nut shell that their governments are run by banks and corporations for the full spectrum dominace of we the people ~ serfdom…via UN Agenda 21?]
Climate Change is man made by the Industrial Military Complex (MIC)
1772 It may be thought that a real history of the weather modification began in 1772 when the
Bavarian Academy of Sciences declared a prize for any successful way to change weather
1905 electrical manipulation of weather
1925 Electrical means to dispell fog and create rain
1930… planes rainmaking with powdered CO2 (Dry ice)
1945 Outline for Weather and Climate control
1946 UN Protocol of Privileges and Immunity(protection for climate scientists?)
1952 UK MET office kill 35 innocents in the dead of night Operation Cumulus.
1958 Lyndon Johnson “whoever controls space will control the weather” 1958..
1959 Eyes In Outer Space – Science Factual presentation weather control.
1961 JFK addresses UN – weather control
1962 Speech on mind control of the masses and scientific dictatorship.
1962 Operation Pop Eye Vietnam weather warfare
1965 Weather and Climate Modification
1978 ENMOD Treaty to stop weather warfare.
1984 US4653690 * Nov 5, 1984 Mar 31, 1987 The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy Method of producing cumulus clouds
1987 Altering a region of the atmosphere
creation of artificial ionised clouds
1999 1999 EU concern HAARP affects climate…there are many ionospheric heaters around the world
2010 Inadvertent weather modification


DRAFT… work in progress.

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