Friends… we all want to know what is happening with our weather and climate. One thing we can all determine, that  it is not that straight forward. This section will take time for me to populate with the relevant information to really establish the long term research and development of the science of climate engineering.

At the moment I will add some important books or reports for your own background reading.

This 1806 book  “The Climate of Great Britain” by John Williams has,  towards the end some suggestions to modify the weather by using ionization, to electrify the atmosphere to either clear the sky or enhance precipitation by charging the atmosphere with either positive or negative charges.  The_climate_of_Great_Britain_or_Remarks(2)

(There are several commercial operations utilizing this 1806 suggestion today)

The climate change of Great Britain 1806


This book moves into US government programs :



Weather and Climate modification problems and prospect vol I



weather and climate modification problems and progress vol II 1966

This volume has some interesting references to the inadvertent modification via jet aircraft and suggests that a surface warming of 1.6C would take place following ten years of 400 planes, flying 4 times daily because of additional water vapor deposited in the upper atmosphere by jet aircraft.  weather-and-climate-modification-problems-and-prospects2

Friends…please take note that weather modification programs are running full time currently in 52 nations globally…. and some have been running for over 50 years, yet NO climate models have ever factored in any effects from the wide scale impacts ? There are some laws pertaining to the effects of weather modification programs in the USA but will they be circumnavigated for the climate intervention programs..?

1971 weather modification law

52 nations weather mod


There are currently 52 nations with full time weather modification programs via cloud seeding, however there are many experimental programs and random programs not covered in this report. NO climate change models factor in or acknowledge the effects of these long term programs that have been impacting globally for many decades.


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