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Max Bliss: 10 minute testimony at EPA hearing-“Proposed Finding that Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft Cause or Contribute to Air Pollution that May Reasonably be Anticipated to Endanger Public Health and Welfare and Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” on August 11, 2015 in Washington, D.C.
Firstly, I would like to thank the organisers for making this hearing possible, to thank the other contributors and a very big thank you to those that have helped, with the vital funding to make this trip possible.

My name is Max Bliss, I am no scientist, in fact I am a general builder who has worked outside all my life. After moving to the SW of France in 2009, to a region famed for high sunshine hours and big blue skies, I became increasingly aware of the incredible increase in contrails and associated cloud cover- I began to notice this daily and this greatly troubled me, I started to photograph and film the sky now for 4 years. Barely a day goes by without seeing various contrails, some thick, spreading but most alarming is watching spurts within contrails and then watching the sky blotted out. Subsequently, I wanted to learn more and became an avid researcher and a passionate environmentalist. I have attended and participated in various high level Climate Change and Climate Engineering conferences.

With respect to this hearing on the “Proposed finding that greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft cause or contribute to air pollution that may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health and welfare…” :

The major component (95%) of greenhouse gas is water vapor, which together with other constituents from exhaust or ejected particulate matter from aircraft forms contrails, contrail cirrus, haziness and cloud blankets which certainly do affect changes to weather : altering rain fall, altering temperatures, inducing droughts, reducing frosts etc.. and ultimately affecting climate change.

When planes were grounded following 911 and later in the UK in 2010…. There were obviously no contrails, the sky cleared of clouds, … a natural clear blue sky returned confirming aviation is affecting cloud cover.

According to various investigations such as the 1998 Subsonic Aircraft: Contrail and Cloud Effects Special Study (SUCCESS), Owen B et al… they have noted that apart from water and CO2, there are metal particles (including, zinc, aluminium and titanium), soot, sulphates etc found in the exhaust plumes contributing as nuclei for ice crystals to form contrails.

A 2010 study for the Wright-Patterson, Air Force Research Laboratory entitled
“ Nanosized Aluminum Altered Immune Function”-
opens the abstract with this sentence “ On the basis of their uses in jet fuels and munitions, the most likely scenario for aluminium nanoparticle (NP) exposure is inhalation.”

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority responded to the concerns of “fume incidents” the 2004 investigation into “ Cabin Air Quality” found that the peak particulate matter found in air ducts was aluminium- although the study does hypothesise that this may be from heated engine lubricating oils contaminating the air supply via the air bleed valve it is worthy to note: that 50% of the cabin air comes from the atmosphere and as planes often fly through contrails or the aerosols left by other planes, I feel further investigation into the presence of nano particulates in the troposphere from planes although very difficult, must be initiated as soon as possible.

Click to access CAPAP2004_04.PDF

Many hundreds of pilots and frequent flyers report debilitating illnesses linked to cabin air, please refer to Aerotoxic Syndrome.
There are many new studies emerging on links with aluminium and Alzheimer’s Dementia and various other serious ailments in humans, animals, whales, fish and even Bees, plants, trees and all life..!
Recently the media announced that 1 in 3 seniors will die with Alzheimer’s.

It becomes clearer with research that nanoparticles, may already be in Jet fuels and are certainly being planned for implementation in the near future and also for that matter in Biodiesel.

Aluminium oxide not only has potentially negative health impacts, it is also known to contribute to making clouds as used in tracer rockets for NASA.
Aluminium Oxide has been suggested by Geoengineers for Solar Radiation management but is known to damage the Ozone.

Aluminium is a cation
and is mentioned in weather modification patents- although, there are hundreds of weather modification patents using various methods and ingredients.

In a 1956 US Patent 2756097,for weather control, where the author states : We have discovered that quantities of very dry superheated water vapor will disturb the thermal and electrical balances of cloud formations, causing dissipation or precipitation. We accomplish the process of our invention by injecting water or water solutions of ionic salts into the heated exhaust gases of a power plant, such as an internal combustion engine, jet engine and the like. “

Through investigation into the huge disturbing increases in contrails, associated cloud cover and changes to the weather one will be left wondering if this indeed is intentional or deliberate as the extra contrails and cloud generation is excessive in correlation with the increase in the growing aviation use.

I have taken pictures of nozzles in line with the engines on the pylon. These are described as “oil drain masts” but some patents of similar nozzles state that other material can be evacuated from them ( into the exhaust plume. Even if oil was leaked out into the hot exhaust plume, smoke would be generated and smoke is used for cloud seeding for weather modification. I would suggest further analysis must be done to establish what is going into the exhaust plumes and their possible effects on contrail generation and naturally the negative health impacts.
A 1970 paper by Wallace B Murcray “ ON THE POSSIBILITY OF WEATHER MODIFICATION BY AIRCRAFT CONTRAILS” he describes how the ice crystals formed in contrails effectively can seed cloud decks below as ice crystals survive falling to lower cloud decks altitudes increasing cloud cover as effectively as Dry Ice cloud seeding. Murcray writes “possible consequences of this are considerable; in fact, it seems probable that one of the projects for modifying the global climate discussed by Fletcher (1965), namely modification of cloud cover over the North Polar Basin by cloud seeding, is already underway…”

Up until the mid 1970’s documentation suggests the establishment’s desire was to intentionally melt the Arctic sea ice: to free up the shipping lanes, access rich resources and open up vast regions of ice bound land and adversely climate changes could likely be blamed on Anthropogenic Global warming to instigate the beginning of global governance through the United Nations Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development program to create the New World Order.

Interestingly when one begins to research the history of weather and climate modification, it is very surprising how far up the power structure the desire for developing a large scale weather and climate modification program was. From president Eisenhower, JFK, Johnson and onwards a high priority was put on these possibilities. The Johnson administration used weather modification for geopolitical leverage with India and Pakistan in 1967.. would we be naive to think that interest just went away because of the ENMOD Treaty? Look up “ Owning the Weather 2025”.

In conclusion, pollutants from aircraft that need prohibition such as sulphates or the use of any nano particulates which can travel via the air from a source of combustion into life organisms is causing serious negative health impacts to many forms of life , this needs to be tightly regulated and ultimately stopped.

The notion that “ the climate science is settled ” is often repeated over and over by interested stakeholders, such as those looking for lucrative funding in the burgeoning Climate Change arena- be it academics, politicians or entrepreneurs looking for success or to get rich or more darkly hoping to implement a one world government system.
Climate has always had natural variability and weather extremes, however these days, some weather extremes can be stimulated with technology. Is it appropriate to reassess the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory and replace it with:

“Climate Change is Man Made – by using covert weather and climate modification technology known as Geoengineering for Geopolitical ends“.

We do not ‘need’ to be scientists to observe the sky and see the obvious negative effects aviation is having and research the spiralling health impacts…just start looking up and wake up, we do NOT consent to the use of weather and climate modification or the despotic New World Order.

God Bless and PEACE 4 ALL

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  1. How do I contact you by e-Mail?
    Heard your brilliant interview on Sage of Quay.
    Liked your comment:
    If You Don’t Know What’s Going On, You’re Either Grossly Incompetent Or Willfully Ignorant.

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