The ” Bioeconomy”

The BIOECONOMY is one of the solutions in the coming Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) Grand Societal Challenges. One of the technological revolutions and implementations of the NWO scientific dictatorships to shape the NWO society.


Have you heard of the “Bioeconomy” and what does it mean to you….?


Bioeconomy - 09:00:11 PM

Here is a short intro propaganda film, apparently aimed at children…



The Bioeconomy is set to be global, transforming food supply and much, much more….altering life by merging Biosciences with nanotechnology to create BIOTECHNOLOGY…

Biotechnology is the tech of the BIOECONOMY and  set to go global…/long…/42837897.pdf

Biotechnology- bioeconomy- 10:22:11 PM



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