This is a large topic that will take many posts to cover.

Briefly the oligarchy are manipulating society into a one world government system. The NWO.



……this is a screen shot from a recent video from the “UN Post 2015 Agenda” it is in our hands section.

UN post 2015 Agenda in our hands- 12:55:28 PM


The UN are hoping that many will not realise the truth behind the mass deception. Who is really responsible for the situation in the world  today – not ordinary people….?

The oligarchy with their  governments and organisations  etc ….

*deliberate recessions from the central banksters http://independentreport.blogspot.fr/2011/08/debt-crises-are-engineered-by-bankers.html– ,

 *the deliberate austerity programs- austeritypolitics

*the De-industrialisation of the West- stripping away livelihoods http://www.20thcenturylondon.org.uk/deindustrialisation-1960-1980

Britain does not make anything- 03:28:17 PMhttp://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/nov/16/why-britain-doesnt-make-things-manufacturing

*the colonization and   pillaging of the developing world- ,


amazonian idians Peru - 03:52:54 PM

*the corporate rape of the free market place – monopoly control –  applied to all industry e.g. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-11-24/10-corporations-control-almost-everything-you-buy

Corporate network- 04:03:53 PM

*privatisation of public resources, services and utilities – often tripling cost over a ten year period, e.g. the UK water privatisation  UK Water Privatisation tripled consumer costs -CUPE18UKwater

Thatcher privatisation - 04:14:17 PM

*the illegal wars such that caused a million civilians killed in Iraq- when MI6/CIA informed their governments there were NO WMD -source http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iraq/9937516/Iraq-war-the-greatest-intelligence-failure-in-living-memory.html

No WMD confirmed- 03:08:14 PM* the many, many secret coup attempts by MI6/CIA around the world such as in Iran…1953

   Iran 1953- 04:37:12 PM

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, accompanied by CIA Director Allen Dulles,
returns from exile to Tehran on 22 August 1953. 

Source – http://www.globalresearch.ca/flashback-to-1953-operation-ajax-joint-cia-mi6-military-coup-in-iran/20698

and the list goes on and on…. http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/CIAtimeline.html

but here in the  UN POST 2015 AGENDA film which appeals to our exhausted state….with reasonable suggestions it omits who has created the unpalatable state our planet and society is in….?


*Who has created this diabolical mess….?

Yes those that are in power, ruling over US ALL….






 Those asking us to ask our governments to embrace a new form of socialist/communism…. the NWO want to enslave us

UN post 2015 Roadmap- 05:40:42 PM

Click to access Press-release-HLP-Post2015-ENG-final.pdf


Where we can all be the same under   the rule of same OLIGARCHY that created all the *wars, *toxic industrial waste, *covert climate change, *poverty, etc…. IF we really want to free our world of all the troubles…then look to removing the *oligarchy and their *government system used to dominate all life…..TIME NOW to end the NWO – Tyranny System,

overcome the    “Divide and Rule”     tactics used so well over the years and TIME for the people of the world to expel the insane criminals at the pyramid….to FREE the world… PEACE 4 ALL

As the reality of this one world government system races into the public consciousness – after years of meticulous planning, we must remind ourselves that this is not yet in place and although we are at the brink of dramatic societal change –  a  NWO that will mean tyranny, mass surveillance and total control, it all relies on the public acquiescence to the oligarchy’s preferred system. They want us to CONSENT and surrender….do you consent…?

The Logical solution is self determination and self governance with

FREEDOM to information, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, Independent SOVEREIGNTY – with an  International agreement on wars…

” That NO nation can go to WAR or enter a conflict without a VOTE  from its population FIRST ”

NATIONALISE  BANKS  to print own currency  and END USURY

REFORM the corporate system into a cooperate system


Develop a  fair system for all people everywhere to benefit from all knowledge, technology and resources….. and work with nature.

Distribute the wealth of the OBSCENE wealth OLIGARCHY for the benefit of the whole planet…

Release patents to new energy  technology and expose the true crimes of the NWO restrictive agenda  e.g. Tesla being black balled by JP Morgan – free electricity

Tesla Black balled- 06:07:40 PM

Learn all you can to decipher the mass deceptions from the NWO and share with everyone you possible as we must liberate us  all, by lifting the veil  of deception to reveal  reality and STOP the NWO.

We do  all make a difference and please  remember  “apathy kills” , so we must BE the change we want to see… put the unity back into your community so that the whole world can be FREE and live with PEACE 4 ALL.


Find out more information from the governments sources…




Comprehend their propaganda and plans the “Bioeconomy” click for the brochure Bioeconomy_brochure_web_final


Or  click the link below for a copy of the report

UN-post 2015 Agenda Report

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